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  • The Roots of Education are Bitter, But the Fruit is Sweet

  • Our programme is designed to train and Educate individuals on skills that can help them create wealth.

  • We also invests in and helps small- and medium-size companies grow in the initial stages of their development

Our Mission

To nurture ,mentor and develop great minds by creating an environment where they can excel through encouragement and empowerment ,thus creating a new business model to stand as a Problem solver in the society. .


Absolute integrity,Products and services next to non,People oriented services,Long range vision and Equity to all

Our Core Value

Itís about identifying , nurturing and developing talents who will influence the world.

    By understanding your business finances, you can make smart decisions about where to spend your money and make sure youíre earning enough to keep your business running. ... Profit and loss statement. Your profit and loss statement is an accounting report that shows your income and ...
    Leadership: a Definition. According to the idea of
    transformational leadership

    An effective leader is a person who does the following: Creates an inspiring vision of the future. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is a composite term, which embodies three important concepts. To understand ICT, one must understand all ...


Raising change agents who will influence the world around them..

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